Saturday, May 17, 2008


Wow, I have been crazy full of energy today for some reason. Here's what I've done today:

Woke up and did the HUGE mound of dishes and pots and pans that's been gathering by the sink for days

Cleaned the rest of the kitchen

Cleaned out Dario's cooler that he brought home from camping

Totally cleared all the clutter out of my bedroom and freecycled stuff I didn't want

Cleaned and vacuumed carpet upstairs

Did 3 loads of laundry, including bedsheets

Bought and picked up a dresser off Craigslist

Painted a wicker table

Painted the new dresser

Hung a bird feeder high up in a tree

Took another trip to the store to buy bird food, and filled the feeder (had to be on a ladder to do this)

Painted my front door (it looks like heck by the way, so I'm gonna have to paint it again)

Cleaned up all the messes from my paint projects

Walked the dog in the dark

And now lookee here- I'm bloggin!


Brian and Nicole said...

Could you come be Manic at my house?

Stephanie T said...

I was having a "manic" day to on Saturday but I only got the kitchen cleaned and washed a million loads of laundry from the Father/Son Campout. Why is it that they each packed two extra outfits plus pajamas, but yet they came home wearing exactly what they wore when they left? But of course everything smelled like smoke and had to be washed. Did I mention that included 4 sleeping bags, 5 blankets and 7 pillowcases too. Seriously, there was only 3 of them:-)