Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Worse than water

On Fridays Roman and his friend Logan have playdates. When they are at Julie's house, there is nary a problem. When they are at my house, all heck breaks loose.
So Logan was over here on Friday, and he and Roman were playing nicely. Then Roman walked into my room and I asked him what he and Logan were doing. "Playing,"he said. "Oh?" I asked. "What are you playing?" "Little People," he answered. Okay. Good. They can't get into much trouble with Little People.

Or so I thought.

Roman went back into his room and a moment later I heard Roman say to Logan, "No! You're gonna get it wet!"

"AH HA!" I thought. 'They're playing with water! I've caught them! And early enough that there can't be much mess!" He was, after all, just in my room. So I marched in there ready to take away the cup of water that they had probably sneaked (snuck?) in there from the bathroom. As I opened the door, Roman dove under his bed with the contraband. And it was not water. Oh no. It was much, much worse. Here, I'll give you a clue:

Any guesses?

It wasn't these red hot atomic bomb jawbreakers which they apparently tried first and then decided against-

Here you go.

This was after I drug Roman out from under the bed with the jar of peanut butter in his hands. Apparently our games of hide and seek, where he hides under the bed every time and I come into his room and check everywhere else first while saying, "Where is that Roman?", have convinced him that he is virtually invisible under there. Roman saw the camera and immediately started smiling about it, but I did my best to remain angry while saying in my meanest voice, "Stop smiling! This is not funny! And hold your hands up so you don't get everything messy!" (and so I can get a picture) "You are very naughty boys!" Click.

This is his smile starting to fade when he realized I really was not happy, even though I had a camera in my hand.

I made him try to scrub it off himself. That frustrated him. And I was GLAD. GLAD!!For all the mess they had on themselves, there were only a couple little streaks on the carpet from where Roman's arms hit as he lurched under the bed. I think there was probably a little around the room that I didn't see too, since I caught Chester in there a while later licking the toys, but he cleaned it up well, because I haven't seen any since.


A day in the life with Roman.


Meleah said...

Man, and I thought toothpaste was bad.
What a mess, peanut butter is hard to clean up too.
I love all the pictures.

Kristi said...

Uh, about our upcoming playdate.... just joking. You are good to take a picture! Gwen did something like that with Desitin, and I was mad but took a picture and have been glad ever since.

Kimberly said...

Don't they say, "Boys will be boys!" So sorry for the mess. I don't know if I would recover.

Shamelessly Sassy said...

hahaha. Oh my. Lovely blog.

texasdavies said...

Oh my! I couldn't imagine getting pb off of stuff.

I love your sense of humor!!!! You are so good at making what must have been frustrating sound funny.

Miss you!