Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fashion Show

My sister-in-law Natalie and I took Gabby out the other night to buy some new clothes for school. It was a nice trip except for the crying at the end when Gabby realized she had forgotten her purse in one of the stores. We went back to Ross and she and her aunt knocked on the doors of the already closed store and tried to get some help. Finally someone came over and after Natalie describing through the crack in the door to an employee and then the manager every spot that Gabby had been in the store that night, (the shoe section, the girls' clothes, the boys' clothes, the other shoe section), and Gabby standing there crying and looking pitiful and heartbroken, (her whole life savings of $9 and other important things like assorted lip gloss were inside after all), they finally found it. By the toys. That was the one place where she was just distracted enough to put it down. And frankly, I was glad it was by the toys, because I know it won't be long before she won't even care to venture near that section. She's still my little girl.

But she does try hard not to be a little girl. She wants to be a young woman. And young women give fashion shows, so that's what she did a couple of days later, for a large audience consisting of her aunt Natalie, her cousin Tyson, Dario Jr., Roman, and me. Her best friend was the announcer and the stand up comedian for the intermissions where she changed outfits. After she ran out of jokes the boys decided to act wild and show their muscles. So giving, those boys.

After the show she was gracious enough to sign autographs for all of us. I'm hanging on to mine for when she's famous someday. I outta get some good money for selling it on Ebay, don't you think?

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