Sunday, June 29, 2008


A few weeks ago I was trying to think of something to do with the kids besides going to the pool, so I decided to try letterboxing, which I had heard about before but never actually got around to doing. It's a neat little activity that lets you go on a treasure hunt of sorts, by going online and finding clues to the locations of hidden letterboxes. All you need is a stamp, a stamp pad, and a little log book. And then it's free fun from then on!
So on this day, the kids and I packed up a picnic dinner(Dario was out of town), and headed off to find a couple of letterboxes. We had some great fun around town.

Here's Dario Jr. searching at the location of one of the letterboxes we found.

Found it!

The kids at the "round rock" that gave our city is named for.

Roman watching the ducks.

We also found a letterbox located in the Round Rock Cemetery. We had never been there before and I'm glad we came. There's a lot of history there, and finding the letterbox was really fun.

The kids at the grave of Sam Bass, the leader of a gang that planned to rob the bank in Round Rock and ended up in a shootout with local lawmen that had been tipped off. Sam was shot and died a couple days later.

Gabriella in front of the sign for the slave cemetery. The slave section is back in a corner and is full of trees. There are very few markers. Many slaves were buried without headstones to mark the grave. Some just have a rock to mark their burial place. We also saw a tiny little cross that someone made to mark the place they buried their little pet bird there at the base of a tree. That was sweet, and the kids really liked it.
Found the letterbox!
Whoever did this one actually made a stamp with Sam Bass' picture on it. Definitely a great find and a really fun evening for us.

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