Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tooth fairy Plan B

Or maybe it's plan G by this point. (If you don't know what I'm talking about look here and here and here.) After forgetting yet again to exchange tooth for cash- Gabby again, but she announced right in front of Dario Jr. "Mom, the tooth fairy didn't give me any money!"- I have come up with another plan that may save me some face, although it will make me slightly more poor. But in this circumstance, since I've proved that I obviously cannot handle the heavy tooth fairy responsibilities at my house, I think it'll be beneficial for us both.

So here's the plan. Next time one of my kids loses a tooth, I will offer to buy it from them rather than have them leave it for the tooth fairy. I'm going to offer $2 per tooth, whereas the tooth fairy only pays $1 in quarters. I'm going to tell them that instead of letting the tooth fairy take all those teeth, that I want to keep their little baby teeth because I just love them oh so much and want to keep them for memories sake, and am willing to pay a premium for that privilege. Because my kids are greedy little buggers, I'm thinking this may work. The only problem I potentially foresee is that they're going to want to look at the teeth every now and again, so I'm actually going to have to keep the nasty little things somewhere.

But I think it's a good plan. What do you think?


Jules said...

The "tooth fairy" forgot again!?! Hahahaha~!

I think it sounds like a fabulous plan, and thank goodness you came up with one! Being the tooth fairy obviously isn't one of your natural talents! (but you do have so many other good ones)

G said...


Sheri Ann said...

"...greedy little buggers..." -- now that's the funniest thing I've heard a parent say about this whole tooth fairy thing!

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Sara said...

Seriously? You crack me up. I can't believe you forgot again!!! I think your new plan will work like a charm, though. Good luck!

Stephanie T said...

You are hilarious. So, you can anty up all the teeth for the experiments at school showing how bad caffeine is for your teeth. Heck, I would do it at home, soaking teeth in the fridge with milk vs. soda. But then again didn't you already drink a tooth before???

Randi said...

I love that plan! I've been so broke from the Tooth Fairy forgetting and then trying to make up for it later. Might as well be up front about it!