Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sometimes the tooth fairy forgets

I'm an absolutely lousy tooth fairy. This time it wasn't too bad, because it was Gabby's tooth, and she's aware that her mother is the tooth fairy. I have a history of forgetting to exchange teeth for coins though. I'm fully aware of this, and so is my daughter, so last night I told her to say to me as she and her brothers were going to bed, "Mom, I can't wait to see what the tooth fairy leaves me." wink wink And she did just that, but I still forgot. When she came and told me this morning I had to cover my tracks.

"Did Dario see the cup yet?!?" (I have them leave their tooth in a cup of water instead of under the pillow. On top of forgetting
to do it, I'm way too nervous to try to reach my arm under their pillow
without waking them up.)

"No," she said.
"Then run downstairs and hide the cup behind something and I'll leave the
money after you leave. Then you can pretend you're just finding it after

This is not the first time I've had to do a cover-up. It was worse when Gabby lost her first tooth when she was about 4 years old. She was so excited to have the tooth fairy come. So we did the whole tooth in the cup of water set-up and left it out on the kitchen counter. And of course, I forgot. When Gabby woke up she was so disappointed.

"Mommy, the tooth fairy didn't come!"
"Oh honey. I bet she didn't see the cup. We kind of had it
pushed to the side. Let's leave it out right in the middle of the counter
tonight, and I'm sure she'll see it."

Next morning....

on the verge of tears "Mommy! The tooth fairy didn't come
"Oh gosh know, uhhhhh, there are so many little
kids losing their teeth right now. I bet she just got so busy she couldn't
make it around to everyone all in one night. Let's give her one more chance."
dejected "Okay, Mommy." sniff, sniff
Hey Gabby, why don't you go into the living room and pick out a movie to
"Alright." shuffles into the living room to rifle through videos,
at which point I hurriedly grab change from my purse and drop it quietly into
the glass, exchanging it for the little tooth(I just couldn't chance forgetting another night)
"Hey honey!! I can't believe it! I was just looking in the
fridge for a snack and when I turned around your tooth was gone! She must
have snuck in when I wasn't looking!!"
"Yyyyyyayyyyyyy Mommy!!"

Luckily she was a 4. And gullible. I don't think little Dario would fall for that, so I really need to get my act together.


Janssen said...

Hahahaha . .. you crack me up, Sheyenne.

Also, I see you've discovered some of the more excellent blogs out there like finslippy and nothing but bonfires. Hooray!

Strong Family - said...

Try having the kid write the tooth fairy a note (in bright red crayon helps)...and tape it somewhere where you know that you will see it. For Jacob's first tooth he wrote a note asking to keep it...he was way too excited to give it up.