Sunday, January 20, 2008

2nd choice

From a conversation I had with my sister on the phone tonight, regarding some friends of hers who are trying to adopt a child.

...I mean, these people are so great. If I died, I'd want to give my kids to them. I mean, I'd probably give them to you, but I'd want to give them to them.

Thanks Nikki. I love you too.

(She was kidding by the way. Or so she says.)


Bart said...

Well, you'd give us Roman if he needed a home, right? We'll take him off your hands.

shmickerlycolevickerly said...

Not exactly the words
i used, but close enough. Not as hilarious as when I said it to you.

My plot worked! I made it onto your blog! I'll be infamous, I tell you, infamous!

What do you think of me now, Tom Cruise?

JustRandi said...

Hey, I'll give you one kid right now. On the condition that you take her today.