Sunday, January 6, 2008

Long vacation made me lazy

I want to keep up with blogging, but after our looooooooooong vacation, I'm feeling too lazy to sit at my desk and write anything in a purposful manner. I do however, have a a couple pictures for your viewing pleasure that I managed to dig up at my parents house in Montana. No Cool Story asked for it a while ago, so here's evidence of my lazy-eyed-duct-taped-eye-patch days. Man I was cool.

There I was thinking I looked so pretty in my little pink dress and fancy lace parasol, feeling like a model while the photographer took shot after shot, when all he was really doing was trying to get the best angle to make me look as un-cockeyed as possible so my parents would purchase lots of pictures. (This picture does not show me in all my lazy-eyed glory, but it's the only one I could find....)

Messy hair, toothless, and lazy-eyed with a glamorous guaze and duct-taped eye patch. I was every little boys dream girl.


Ralphie said...

Sad, but oh so funny!

JustRandi said...

oh, I think it's sweet that you got to feel like a model for a day! And the picture is darling!

Kristi said...

Hey, I have a thing for people with lazy eyes. My best friend all growing up had a lazy eye. Blaine has a lazy eye. The guy I dated while Blaine was on his mission (don't tell) had a lazy eye. Lazy-eyed people are the best.

Jules said...

Oh, you were so cute! And the parasol picture makes you look so blonde!! But the eye patch now, that's just h-o-t!

Also, I love the cute piggy pic in the background!