Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Deadbeat and Hobo

Both of those are words that describe me, apparently.

I went to our annual homeowners association meeting last night. During the meeting they had all the committee chair people get up and give the synopsis of what they had been doing that year and what they planned to do next year. All the chair people took time to thank their committee members. Then the landscaping committee chairman got up and did his schpiel and then went through and named his committee members. The last thing he said was, "and Alvarez somebody, haven't seen her around much." Wha? Huh? I attempted to volunteer for the landscaping committee two years ago when at the annual meeting they said they really needed help. I emailed the board and said I'd like to volunteer and I never heard a word back from them. So apparently my name has been on the committee roles for 2 years and they think I just volunteered and never bothered showing up. Geesh!! I'm a deadbeat and I didn't even know it.

Then, to top it off, when I got home and tried to give my husband a kiss, he pulled back and told me my breath smelled like "hobo." Nice. He actually asked me if I had been drinking. And for any of you who may be lurking (I'm probably flattering myself here) that don't know already, I'm a MORMON, which means I do not so much as take a sip of alcohol. Ever. But maybe I should start. Then instead of sitting silently at those homeowner meetings turning beet red while they mention me as "the girl who never comes around", maybe I could summon up some liquid courage and stand up and drunkenly demand to know WHO IT WAS who put my name on the landscaping committee and never bothered telling me. Then I could call them out in front of the whole neighborhood and demand their resignation from the board. Yes. I'm sure that would repair my deadbeat hobo reputation.


Kristi said...

I wondered who that careless, no-show, committee member was. Sheesh. I didn't think you smelled like a hobo, but I guess I was never that close :)

Ralphie said...

Kristi told this story to me, along with many funny facial expressions. She had a great time sitting next to you.
And Hobos don't have to do any work. I'm down with that.