Sunday, January 20, 2008

UPDATE: I'm still alive

Just thought you'd like to know that. The scary stalker/murderer didn't break in last night. And good thing for him, because I kept my stabby knife nearby. I couldn't leave it on the nightstand where my kids might see it, or more importantly, where the murderer could see it while I was sleeping and use it to stab me first. No, I'm much too smart to leave it there. Instead, I stuck it into an upright book under my nightstand, with the blade in the pages and the handle sticking out, right where I could easily grab it should an attack occur. So go ahead an try it scary man. I'm a woman with a plan.


Ralphie said...

I love this because I too hate to sleep alone, in the dark, with scary sounds.
But why is it that we think we're sooo much safer when the husband is home? He's not a watch dog. He doesn't have super powers.
...I mean, yes. Yes he does.

Sheyenne said...

Hey Ralphie,
I don't think I'd feel safe with just any man in the house. I actually do regard my hubby as somewhat of a superhero. He's a skilled fighter and not scared of anything, plus he has actually defended me before. And he has a cape. (J/K!) So I seriously feel lacking of protection when he's gone. But luckily, I'm rarely bothered enough to actually carry around a knife!

JustRandi said...

Ok - I'm so glad you're not dead.
I know how you feel, though. My husband is gone about a week every month. I'm finally getting used to it and it's only been like 3 years.