Monday, February 4, 2008

Embarrassing moment #25437589475937

Why can't my kids just leave midgets alone? (Was that incredibly un-PC? Okay, I know it was. I just like the word "midget". It's fun to say. I told you I was mean.) Anyway, I've had my fun. Back on topic. Why can't my kids just leave little people alone?
Tonight me and the kids went to HEB to buy some ice cream (because I made chocolate fudge muffins which must be eaten warm with vanilla ice cream), and there was a lady working there who was "of small stature". (Seriously, I don't even know if that is PC or not, but I'm trying....) Roman saw her and immediately started pointing and shouting- seriously, SHOUTING- "Mom! LooooK! Looook at her! She's little Mommy! Loooook! LoooooooooooK!" And I'm trying to calm him down and stop the scene he's making by gently saying, "Yes, I know honey. She's small. Shhh. Yes. I know. I know," which is not working at all because he's so excited. Then Gabby claps her hand over his mouth and gives the loudest "SSHHHHHHH!" she can muster, which, although good intentioned, made the scene that much worse. I just tried to act cool as could be while I hustled everyone outside. What else can you do?

And as usual, this is a repeat of a similar, but worse, episode I had a couple of years ago. (Much like the tooth fairy incident repeat. I'm starting to see a pattern here. I'm not sure what to make of this....) Ironically enough, this one was also in the HEB. I was with little Dario when we stopped in the meat section. Right across the aisle from us was a small gentleman, who also paused to look at some things. Now this was right after we had watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in the movie theater. (Can you see where this is headed people?) Dario looked across the aisle and his eyes got wide and he says, (not shouting luckily, but seriously the guy was 3 feet away from us and there's no way he couldn't hear) "Mom. Look! There's an Oompa-Loompa! Look!" I was mortified, but again, trying to keep my cool and knowing this man could hear but was politely pretending he couldn't, I said, "No son. He's just a regular man. He's just short." But Dario insisted. He was absolutely sure of himself. "NO, Mom. Look. Right there. THAT man. It's an Oompa-Loompa. It IS! LOOK!" I repeated myself again a couple of times before he would believe me and let it go. Then I quickly, (but not too quickly as to make the guy think I was trying to leave quickly), hustled my cart and my kid far away into the dairy section. Again, what're ya gonna do?


meleah said...

The story that is told over and over in my house it when I was little and asked my mom why the lady standing next to us was so ugly. LOL, actually it's not that funny.

Ralphie said...

I feel like having kids just another way to say "Embarass me. I like it."

Kristi said...

Hey that lady is in our stake, she's nice. Blaine's little cousin went up to a guy and said "gee, you sure are fat" then her older brother covered her mouth and said "tall, she means you sure are tall" we love that story :)

Strong Family - said...

We saw a guy with a patch over one eye at the store once. Zach was about 3 and YELLS "Look Mommy!!! A real pirate in the store!!!"