Sunday, February 17, 2008

I am the most awesome-est wife on the planet

Today is Dario's 30th birthday. Happy Birthday honey! And I am the most awesome-est bestest ever wife on the planet, because I got him a Playstation 3. AND RockBand. Thank you. Thank you very much. Hold your applause please. And I was sneaky about it too. I went out yesterday to GameStop, after calling all over town and finally finding a place that had a Playstation in stock, and picked these beauties up. Then I took them over to our babysitters' house (who would be watching the kids as we went to Dario's movie of choice where I would not complain once about what he chose. See? Awesome. I told you.) I had their mom sneak the goods over to our house after we left. I told them to leave the RockBand game out on the ottoman where Dario could see it and put the Playstation under the kitchen sink so he couldn't see it. My plan was for him to see the game and I would act all excited to give it to him, but then he'd have to break it to me that it could only be played on Playstation 3. I don't play video games normally, so he'd totally buy that I didn't know any better. And it worked just as planned. And my acting was SO good. Let me just say that. Because it was. He was all, "Honey, did you know that this is only for Playstation 3? The sales person should have told you. I can't play it, but it was really nice of you." And I was all, "Oh honey. I'm sorry! I just picked up the box and paid for it. Well, maybe you can trade it for something else. Shoot. That's a bummer."

Then I took the babysitters home and let him be disappointed. When I got back I went about cleaning the kitchen and casually reached under the sink and pulled it out and said, "Can you play it on this?" Oh Yeah! Awesome! Did I mention that I'm awesome?!? He loves it. And actually, so do I. Next time my husband goes out of town I'm totally gonna form a girl band. Who's in?


Kristi said...

Oh I think you know my answer (so long as I am not on vocals!)

Janssen said...

Can anyone say "party at Sheyennes??"

Unknown said...

Little did the wife know that the husband would implant subliminal messages and put headphones on her ears while she slept with the repeating phrase.."STOP BEING A CHEAPO AND BUY HIM A PS3..3 .. 3...3.. (echo)