Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm mean

People, I like to just tell it how it is. I do not understand why we have to play little nicey-nice games so no ones feelings get hurt and everyone feels all warm and fuzzy inside. WHY? Why do I have to play along? Can't I just tell you that I think you're shallow for owning a $300 purse, and I don't buy your story about "quality and workmanship", and then we can still be friends? Or that I don't support your decision to get breast implants/liposuction/a face-lift because I think women are worth more than what's on the outside and we really need to learn to value ourselves and stop perpetuating this ridiculous and unrealistic idea of what women should look like? Or that I don't want to babysit your kids just because I'm a stay-at-home mom? Or that I don't want to be pressured to order stuff from your at-home sales party? Or that I think your multi-level marketing job is a scam and I can't believe that you're buying into that crap, AND that you want me to buy into it too? Can't I just say that and then we can still be friends, because you're confident enough that my opinion won't crush you and you won't assume I don't like you just because I don't wholeheartedly agree with every decision you make and you'll respect me for just giving you my honest opinion?


Well, (sigh), it was worth a try.


Gretchen said...


Brian and Nicole said...

Our Bishop made his fortune with a multi level marketing "scam".... I still wouldn't do it though.

Robin said...

B& N: Did your bishop then get released from his calling and sentenced to 40 years in prison for fraud? Just a question.

Sheyenne, I like this post. It cuts right to the chase. Honesty is the best policy, they say. It's just the brutality of it all that sometimes hurts. But then again, we have to learn the principle of forgiveness somehow anyway, don't we? This is called killing two birds with one stone. I like that you keep it real.

Sheyenne said...

Hey Nikki,
Your bishop made his money that way, but the people a few levels down got screwed. Hope he feels great about the whole deal....

Luv ya!(warm fuzzies) hehehe

(This is my sister people. I'm not just being a jerk!)

Sheyenne said...

I think honesty IS the best policy. I am all for as-nice-as-possible delivery, but Dario still has to edit my emails for witchiness. ;D Sometimes nice-as-possible-but-honest is still too harsh on people.

Jules said...

Yeah, see after that post I am not so sure we can be friends. You see my $300 purse IS the best quality around. I will have it until I die. Which might be Friday because even though I did have one previous cosmetic surgery I have my full body lipo, tummy tuck, and face makeover scheduled for Friday morning (cancel the visiting teaching). And my multi-level marketing job is not a scam, it is simply a pyramid organizational structure in which everybody wins.

Yeah we definitely can't be friends now that you are "honest" and all that. Unless you want to come to my home party on Saturday! :)

(PS I totally agree with most of what you said. Outside of general manners/politeness... Just say it!)

Jules said...

PPS I don't think you are mean. Maybe I don't know you that well. :)

Janssen said...

GREAT post. And I HATE HATE HATE the parties too. I swear I will never go to another again. I can't think of a more awkward situation.

And my most expensive purse cost $32.

And when I have kids and stay at home, I will be DEEPLY irritated if people think that means I'm a free babysitter.

Bart said...


It's only because of this post that I consider you friend-worthy. ;)

Sheyenne said...

Jules, that was one clever post. Made me giggle. And I'll forgive you for owning a $300 purse, but only because you'll have it until you DIE, because that's the only logical reason I can see for owning one.

I actually don't hate the parties so much, as long as there's other entertainment/food/girl talk included. I go to be with my friends, but I can't stand PRESSURE. That is, indeed, VERY awkward, because I WILL NOT cave.

And the $32 purse? Good for you. Seriously, you just put your junk in there. The only reason to have a purse like that in my opinion is to say, "Hey lookie here! See this $300 purse? Yup, I'm rich enough to afford this. Bet you wish you were rich like me." And to all my friends who own these- I'm sorry..........that you're so shallow. (hehe) Let's still be friends, okay?

And Bart, I feel deceived. Here all this time I was under the impression that you already considered me friend worthy. ;) Well, thanks for your honesty. I respect that. And we can still be friends.

Meleah said...

Sheyenne, I have to admit, after reading your post I am kind of glad I don't own a $300 purse. I think I would have felt dumb about it.
About the LV, I actually don't know why people like them. I always thought they were cheap puses until someone told me what they really were, and it wasn't cheap!

Ralphie said...

I just recently found your blog and I LOVE this post. It's all of the things I have screaming inside of me but I'm too weak, much much too weak to say them out loud. Even if my caps lock is on in my head I play Swizerland because Momma said to be nice. I soo appreciate people like you!

Sheyenne said...

Thanks Ralphie. It's always nice to be appreciated....;)

And Meleah, I wouldn't want you to feel dumb for owning a $300 purse (if you owned one that is). My point was that I have my opinion and other people have theirs, and that's A-okay, but I wish sometimes that we could just say what we think without having to be so worried about offending someone. Seriously, if you wanted to buy a $300 purse, I'd want you to do it, and then just be secure enough with your own decision that my thinking you were shallow wouldn't bother you a bit. And we could go on with our day and still be happy and still be friends.