Friday, November 16, 2007

Community service

I love doing community service. And I'm not referring to the "I broke the law and now I'm being punished" kind of community service. (Which I've never had to do by the way. But my husband has! Go on. Ask him!) No, I'm talking about the kind that involves actually doing something for other people in the community who will benefit from and appreciate my work. Last night I went with a group of women from my church to prepare a senior center and adjoining preschool to be painted. We just took stuff off of walls, and then did some taping and priming. This type of work is not something I normally enjoy, but there's something about doing it for someone else that just makes it feel like it's not work at all, and I feel happy to do it. Grateful for the opportunity in fact.
Tomorrow my town is having a "Family Volunteer Day" where the actual painting of these areas will be done, along with beautification of a garden at the senior center and a playground area for the day care. They're also having an area where you can assemble care packages for the firefighters and policemen to give to people. I originally signed my daughter and I up to do the care packages, but now I'm emotionally invested in the senior center and preschool where we did the work, so I think I'm going to help out there instead. Whatever we end up doing, I'm just really excited, and I'm hoping my daughter will catch the bug too.

I'd like to invite everyone who reads this blog, (and lives locally of course) to come and help out as well. I guarantee if you come you'll be glad you did. The work will be going on from 9am-noon, and then we can sit down and have a picnic and I think they're having some cartoon characters there and a moonwalk for the kiddos. All ages from 2 on up are welcome. Here's all the information you need. Hope to see you there!

Registration will begin at 8:30am in the Allen R. Baca parking lot located at 301 W. Bagdad on the side of bldg. #2 (see map below)
If it is raining, registration will be inside the Baca center.

Don’t forget to bring:
-lunches in a cooler for the family picnic (leave in car- lunch will be at 12:30pm)
-a blanket for your family to sit on
-any personal tools that you would like to bring (rakes, hand shovels, gloves etc.) make sure they are labeled with your name on them.

Don’t forget to wear:
-Comfortable clothing that can get dirty
-Closed toed shoes
-layers in case it’s cool

- All projects are in or across the street of the Baca Center .

Parents: We want everyone to have a safe and fun experience so please remember that children must be supervised at all times.

Thank you for being willing to serve your community!


Round Rock Volunteer Center Staff


Janssen said...

It WAS fun last night - I'm glad we were able to get a lot done.

I'm impressed by your good attitude - I should get myself one of those ;)

Robin said...

I was really glad that I went on Thursday night. It was fun to work together as a team for a good cause. I hope the activity today was a huge success and that the place looked amazing afterward.

Sheyenne said...

Just wanted to say that a lot was accomplished at the Family Volunteer Day, but I didn't have such a great time. There were so many people there that it was way too crowded (in my opinion). I felt it could've been better planned, as there weren't enough tools for everyone, and Gabby and I (and lots of other people) spent a good amount of time wandering around trying to find something we could help with. I rather preferred our ladies night. And to top it off, I was really hoping they had picked out a nice warm, homey color for the adult day center, but they picked white-institutional white. SO not what I would've picked, but I guess I can't always be the boss.