Monday, November 12, 2007

I love my gramma!

My grandma just had a birthday and I thought after the fact that I wished I would have written her a message on here. But like I said, it was after the fact, and I thought, well, I missed the big day. But it doesn't have to be my grandma's birthday to tell her how great she is, so I'm just gonna go on with it! I haven't seen her in person in a long time (she lives in Montana and I live in Texas), so most of these things have to do with when I was little, but they are more meaningful to me now then they were then anyway. :D

So grandma, here are (a few) of the things I love about you:

1. the smell of your house- just brings back memories
2. you would always give us lots of spoons and empty margarine tubs to go dig in the dirt
3. you always had juicy fruit gum for us
4. you remembered my birthday every year, and sent a little money until I got so old you'd almost go broke!
5. you let me eat frozen blueberries
6. you gave me little candy hearts at valentine's day
7. you spent time with me
8. you still have the pictures I drew you when I was in 1st grade
9. you secretly salvaged my treasured jewelery box after the house fire, refinished it, and gave it to me for Christmas
10. you told me stories about your life and family
11. you're always glad to talk to me
12. you feed and love all the stray cats at your house, even if they won't let you touch them
13. you give good hugs (and kisses!)
14. you let me and my sisters sleep over, and bought us those little individual boxes of cereal so we could all pick just what we liked
15. you call me just to talk
16. when I wanted to look at ALL your photos you dug them up from hidden away places
17. you love to play games
18. I love the way you and grandpa would argue over what was going to happen next in the soap opera you watched together - SO funny!
19. you take the time to email me even though you have to hunt and peck the keys
20. you send me webpages that you think I'll enjoy
21. you tell me stories about funny things I did when I was little
22. you're favorite color is red, just like mine
23. you laugh with me
24. you love me

I love you Grandma Tillie!

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