Sunday, November 4, 2007

My son is 2

No, it's not Roman's birthday today. This is just what I say to myself to explain the actions of my naughty/mischievous/adorable/did I say Naughty? little boy.

These are just from today:

Dario: "What's that on your finger, Roman?"

Roman: -silence-

Dario: "What IS that on your finger?"
Roman: -silence-
Dario: "What is this?" picks the thing off Roman's finger

Roman: "It's my booger."
Me: "Roman, be quiet. We're in church."

Roman: screams, cries, whines

Me: "Roman, you need to shush or we'll have to go to time out."

Roman: cries and whines some more

Me: "Okay, time out." take him outside and sit him down against the wall.

Roman: whines and cries over and over "I'll be nice Mommy, I'll be nice. Mommy I'll be nice. Mommy, mommy, I'll be nice."
Me: ignores him and doesn't make eye contact
Roman: "Mommy, I'll be nice. I'll be nice, Mommy. Mommy I'll be ni-i-i-ce."

Me: still ignoring
Roman: "Mommy, I'll..." draws entire arm back "...BE..." SMACK! "...NICE!!"

Tonight, out of the blue while he looks at me from across the counter.

"Mommy? Can you give me fitty bucks? I need some bucks."


Robin said...

At least yours promises to be nice, even if he doesn't mean it. I guess mine just knows he doesn't mean it from the start. At least mine is honest. LOL

Gretchen said...

At least he's awfully cute. Great photos!

Janssen said...

Hahahaha! I think Roman is SO hilariously cute.