Friday, November 2, 2007

Disgusting habits

I read an article yesterday about a politician in Australia who was caught on tape picking his earwax and then eating it. That is SO gross! Here's the video, in case you think you'd really like to see someone eat their own earwax.
That got me thinking about disgusting habits, which then got me to thinking that I've got a few disgusting habits of my own which if caught on tape would likely cause spectators to remark, "That is SO gross!". Then I thought, "Hey, maybe I should list those disgusting habits for all the world to see." Good idea, eh? So here they are:

1. I am a nose picker. Yup, you heard me. I do not eat the proceeds however.

2. I fart in front of my family with no shame. Actually, if I'm in the mood, I try to make it as loud as possible.

3. When I have a cold and I'm all stuffy, I hock lugies, super loud too. (How do you spell lugie? loogie? loogy?) Snot.

4. I like to pop zits. When my husband has a good one, I actually beg him to let me do it.

So there are some of my disgusting habits. I bet you've got a few too.

(Note to self: come up with super long list of cool stuff about me to offset the visuals that people are now getting. Make stuff up if you have to.)


Gretchen said...

I am a nose picker and zit popper too. Nice to know I'm not alone!

Gretchen said...
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