Friday, November 2, 2007

Questionable meat

Tonight I was super hungry so this is what I made for dinner:

1. beef roast

2. pork roast

3. 5 lbs. of ground beef

4. a ham

5. 15 chicken breasts cooked in the crock pot

6. 5 lbs. of bite sized chunks of chicken cooked with a little olive oil

7. 10 boiled chicken breasts

8. 12 hot pockets

9. artichoke chicken

Okay, I wasn't really that hungry, but I did indeed cook all these things. Why, you ask? Because my #$%^&* freezer went out and every single piece of meat in it thawed. Probably less than 2 months ago I lost all my meat when the breaker flipped and it thawed out(but not completely) and I gave it all away to people who could use it. I JUST replenished it all, and now the freezer is just broken. I couldn't bear to lose all that meat again, so I cooked all the stuff that wasn't completely luke warm. I think (hope?) that it'll be okay, but it is definitely "questionable".

I didn't want to make my kids be the guinea pigs to see if the meat was okay, so I fed them something else while I ate some of the artichoke chicken tonight. As I was eating I started to feel my stomach swirling, but it was my hypochondria acting up, not actually salmonella poisoning. So no vomit yet. Keep your fingers crossed that I make it through the night....
This is my fridge stuffed to overflowing with all that meat. Now I just have to figure out what to do with it.

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Janssen said...

This story is just as funny to me a second time as it was when you told us about it last night.

Now if you do get sick, you won't know if it's your food or the questionable food we ate from that other RS Enrichment last night :)