Friday, November 30, 2007

7 things about me

Meleah asked me to write 7 interesting things about myself. So here goes.

1. When I was little I had a lazy eye. I was supposed to wear a patch over the good eye to help the bad one get stronger, but for some reason my mom decided that rather than buying an actual eye patch, she'd use gauze and duct tape. So attractive.

2. My family's home burned down twice. The first time I was the one who started the fire. I had a new cardboard playhouse that we had just gotten for Christmas. I had the bright idea that I would use my parents' cigarette lighter to just light a little flame on the window and then blow it out, for fun. That doesn't work with cardboard. The second time was my sister's fault. And my parents actually still love us both. And allow us in their home.

3. When my now husband and I were 15 years old, we were nominated for Homecoming King and Queen. He was Mr. Popularity, and I was just newly dating him, so they picked me because it'd be "cute" I think.

4. When I was a freshman in high school, my history teacher was making jokes about women being in the Olympics and how they could only do synchronized swimming. He was just teasing, but I got an attitude and walked out of class. A bunch of other girls followed me, but then the teacher came out in the hall and demanded everyone get back in class. Everyone else turned around, but I marched down to the office and told the secretary that I wasn't going back into class because my teacher was making chauvinistic jokes. I sat in the office the whole hour. That teacher never liked me after that.

5. I can't whistle or wink.

6. I will never invite people over for dinner. It is SO stressful for me. I can't stand the pressure of having to have something done at a certain time, of worrying whether or not they'll like the food, of worrying that I'll burn or under cook the food, trying to make conversation during the meal, talking too much so people can't eat because they're busy responding to me, possible awkward silence, and on and on. It's too much pressure. I love to have people over for games and snacks though.

7. I peel my toenails down as short as I can get them without making them bleed. You can hardly tell that I even have a toenail on my pinkie toe.


JustRandi said...

And really, if I had burned down a house, I'm not sure I'd be inviting people over for dinner, either.
tee hee!

No Cool Story said...

"...gauze and duct tape" OMGOSH!! You are killing me. Do you have a picture? would you post it? Bwhahahahaha.
Your mom got you good for burning the house down :)

Ralphie said...

Okay, great. The toenail thing. I am waaaaaaay over on that side with you. If there is any white showing, I quickly chop. Same with my kids. But hubby here thinks that he needs to safe guard his in case of an emergency where sharp, jagged objects are necessary for self defense.
Gag me with a spoon.
And he WILL NOT cut them short enough. He's been brain washed into thinking that if he does a monster hang nail is going to become infected and take his life.
So they will forever be thus. *gag*

Dario said...
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Dario said...

BTW, synchronized swimming IS the only sport that women are good at in the olympics..Good one Mr. Beis. Man I loved his classes.

Sheyenne said...

No Cool Story, I don't have a picture or I would post it. My parents have pictures though, so maybe if I remember I can get one when I visit them at Christmas time.

Ralphie, so glad someone else in this world does the toenail thing too. But your husband with long nails- yuck! Whenever my son's nails get too long I just say, "We can clip them, or we can get out the pink polish" and he always chooses clipping them. :D