Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Gabby and I went on a date last night to Gattiland. We ate pizza and then went to play games. We played this game where you stand on a pad and there's light bands all around you and they light up like a jumprope swinging. Gabby and I both played, AND I WIPED THE FLOOR WITH HER! That's right people. I beat my (almost) 9 year old daughter, who regularly plays jumprope. Me. The (almost) 30 year old woman. I still got it folks. I....still....GOT IT! Enjoy my new theme song.(Music player's on the right) I put it up so all of you could revel in my glory. (I'm a giver.)


Alison K. said...

you crack me up, sheyenne....I love Queen!!

Unknown said...

LOL!! hilarious!!!

Kristi said...

You ARE the champion, that is awesome! I bet I can kick your trash in Dance Dance Revolution though, bring it on!