Saturday, November 10, 2007

Heavenly messenger

It's 7:26 right now and I am anxiously awaiting a knock at my door that is supposed to come around 7:30.... ish. Just a liiiiiitttttllllleeee longer to wait. And when that long awaited knock comes I'll joyfully prance down the stairs as if running through a meadow of wildflowers to land in the arms of my true love. I'll open the door to that heavenly messenger and bright light will shine from above and angels will sing their chorus, and I will fall to my knees in humble thanks. The long awaited moment will have arrived.

The cookie delivery

Hark! Me heareth yonder doorbell ring! The COOKIES! The COOKIES are here! Alas, I must depart.....

1 comment:

Jules said...

I should have known that cookies would be the thing to elicit such a greeting! As I read this I thought, "Wow! Dario is lucky because Jim sure doesn't get that kind of greeting after being gone all week, no matter how much I love him!"