Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Circus

Yesterday me and the kids went to the circus. (Dario opted out and I actually was okay with it because I'm cheap and I thought "Hey, that saves me $14!" Yes, I'm that cheap, but that's a WHOLE 'nother blog!) I was all excited to write about it and post my awesome pictures of the kids riding the elephant and all the cool circus acts. But then my dreams were crushed, for when I took out the camera to take only my 2nd picture, it read "Battery exhausted". I tried and tried to coax out another picture, but it really was exhausted. MAN!
The circus itself was really entertaining, although I was conflicted with a couple of the acts. I really enjoy the clowns and the people acts like trapeze, and motorcycle guy, and human cannon guy, and I really enjoy animal acts with domesticated animals like dogs, but the tigers and the elephants performing are hard for me to watch. On the one hand, it's neat to see them do tricks, but on the other hand, I know that they do not want to be there and I feel guilty for supporting that kind of treatment with my money. And I know it's completely hypocritical for me to say that and then pay to let my kids get on the elephant.
So yes, I enjoy it, but I have a sense of guilt afterward. Kinda the way I feel for shopping at Walmart. As of yet though, the guilt hasn't kept me away from the low, low prices of Walmart, and I'm quite sure this won't be my last circus.

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Robin said...

If I were a tiger or an elephant, would I rather be at the circus with all those cute, happy kids watching me do all those cool tricks while begging their parents for more cotton candy and rainbow snow cones, or would I rather be in the lone and dreary wilderness with nothing else to do but search for my next meal? I think I would get bored very quickly. The circus seems much more entertaining for an animal if you look at it that way. Don't feel too guilty about taking your kids and spending the money. You are saving some other poor creature (maybe a poor defenseless gazelle or zebra) from becoming consumed by lions and tigers in the wild. Just think of how many lives you are saving this way. I would feel worse about not having pictures of the elephant rides if I were you.