Sunday, June 29, 2008

A garbage pile of my very own

Man I've never been so excited about a rotting pile of stench before. Because this is my very own rotting pile of stench. Actually though, it's not very stenchy. The directions I read say to layer the rotting fruitiness with lawn clippings and other outsidey stuff, and that will keep the stink to a minimum, but I haven't really noticed much odor anyway. And soon (hopefully), this rotting pile of muck will be a pile of black gold that I can put on my garden and flowerbeds. Because I can use all the help I can get for those two areas. Plus, I feel all green and environmentally friendly-like when I throw these things in the little compost bucket under my sink rather than in the garbage can to be trucked off to the local landfill. You're supposed to keep the pile moist, so when the bucket is full I just fill it up with water before I dump it out. It adds wetness to the pile and rinses out the bucket at the same time. Try it!

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