Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out of place

Last week I walked out onto our back deck and saw a little fuzzy bird with a long beak and long legs standing on glider. It looked like some sort of water bird that definitely did not belong in my backyard. I ran to grab the camera and he hopped down and ran away, but I was able to snap a couple of (not very good) pictures as he ran away.

The next day and for quite a few days after, he and another little one just like him lived in some Rose of Sharon trees we have in our back yard. We thought about calling wildlife control (is that a real agency? I might have made that up...), but then I though that if there were 2 little chicks that there parents must have made the nest somewhere nearby. So we enjoyed watching them for a few days, and then one day we woke up and they were gone. I sure hope they actually flew away as opposed to getting eaten by the neighbor dogs.

Do any of you know what kind of birds these might be?


Julie said...

Wow, what an adorable and amazing bird family to find in your backyard! And unusual, I imagine.

I'm not a birder, but my best guess would be a type of heron, though I couldn't say which kind specifically (egrets are in the heron family too).

Lisa said...

Great Blue Heron. They love the pond in the greenbelt. We use to get them often in our yard, although I have never seen a baby. CUTE!