Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Apple baskets no more

You know what I hate? Ingrown toenails. That, and apple baskets. And that crust that develops around my faucet handles. But mostly apple baskets. But who doesn't like a delicious basketful of apples you ask? Me. That's who. Because I've been looking at flippin apple baskets pasted on the walls of my kitchen for the last four years of my life. Apple baskets and blue plaid country curtains. Oh, how I loathe apple baskets. But finally I have decided to do something about it.

Witness Exhibit A:

Witness Exhibit B:

I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. I actually prefer the look of raw drywall to the hideousness that was the wallpaper.

My daughter actually thinks removing wallpaper is fun. I've got a wallpaper remover and a meatball maker. This sort of free labor makes me rethink my decision not to have any more kids. Just think, if I pop enough of those suckers out, I could run me a plantation....

This child was not joining in the fun. He was too busy crying about some injury. So, like the good mother that I am, I comforted him by taking pictures of him crying.
Hey, it actually worked. I told him he could see the pictures but only if he stopped crying. So the crying stopped and he got to see what he looks like in full drama-mode, which is something most people don't get to do, (except for my sister who used to stand in front of the mirror while she cried so she could fully wallow in her own pity). Win-Win for everyone, see? Them's good parentin' skillz.

So fare-the-well apple baskets. Your ugliness shall not taunt me another day.


Robin said...

This was hilarious! I am sure glad that I don't have any loathesome apple baskets on my walls, and I will rethink getting any in the future. My favorite part was that you prefer the look of raw drywall. HA! :D

Janssen said...

I'm glad I was able to witness the apple baskets of doom at least once in person.

Stephanie T said...

Wallpaper sucks. We decided to remove it once from an old house we were renting, because my son had already peeled off a whole wall. Well, it turned out there were 7 layers of wallpaper! Seriously Sucks. Glad you got rid of yours.

Sara said...

I once registered for an assortment of apple basket stuff. Dishtowels, dinnerware, nick-nacks. That was 8 years ago for our wedding. I thought, oh, apples would be so cute in the kitchen. Luckily we moved a couple of times and have now gone far, far away from that theme. Congratulations to you for making the move!