Monday, October 29, 2007

Sick Day

I had such a nice day planned today. Roman was going to go play at a friend's house from 9am-noon and I was going to have 3 whole hours to myself to do whatever I wanted to do without interruption. But then the first law of motherhood, which reads, "Thou shalt no more have peace or solitude in thy life until thy youngest child moveth out" kicked in, and I ended up with not just 1 naughty toddler at home, but also a "sick" 8 year old daughter. I say "sick", because by the time lunch rolled around and the boredom of being in her room with nothing to do but read sunk in, she was suddenly all better.

The downhill slide of my day started yesterday when I saw Roman scratching his back like crazy and I asked him if he wanted me to scratch it for him. I lifted up his shirt to get a better scratch and saw a big raised area on his back with red bumps and what looked like a little blister. I've been getting notes home from the elementary school that have warned that there have been several staph infections reported lately, so I figured I better get him checked out. I took him to the doctor today and he does indeed have a bacterial infection, although it's not staph.

Then this morning Gabby started complaining that her throat hurt and her stomach hurt. She was coughing as well, but the coughing has been going on a while. I gave her some cold medicine which she refused to drink, and went to put some clothes in the wash. When I came back into the kitchen she was hovering over the garbage can and said she felt like throwing up. So I sent her back to bed. Now, as of lunch time, she's completely recovered. I don't know if she was faking or not (she swears she felt horrible this morning), but I am definitely suspicious. It reminds me of when I didn't want to go to school a couple of times and I set my alarm to wake me up early so I could go into the bathroom closest to my parents bedroom, turn the lights on, make a little noise so hopefully they'd wake up enough to hear me in there, and then flush the toilet and tell them I puked. Worked like a charm, and I didn't use it often enough to arouse suspicion. Gabby's a pretty smart cookie. Maybe she's starting early.

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Jules said...

Oh my gosh! So, he did have a bacterial infection! But, I am glad it wasn't a staph infection! And Gabby's ploy, well, that is just hilarious!