Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pumpkin carving

Last night we carved pumpkins for Halloween. We did it earlier last year and found out that in Texas with the heat and humidity that that isn't the best idea. Our pumpkins had rotted and caved in by Halloween and it was such a bummer. So this year we wised up and waited, and it worked out doubly well because we were able to get gi-normous pumpkins from HEB for the same price as the little ones because they went on sale so close to the holiday. Yay! Roman had to stick his entire arm in up to his shoulder to pull out the guts at the bottom of his pumpkin. So cute! Little Dario was so pumped to carve pumpkins, but I guess he forgot what that actually entailed, because once again this year he didn't want anything to do with touching slimy stuff, so he wouldn't gut his pumpkin. Come ON! That's the funnerest part! He also is too young to carve it, so he basically sat on the stairs the whole time asking if we were almost done. Hopefully next year he'll "man up" a little and at least touch some guts. Gabby wanted to do her own pattern, and she refused to draw it on the pumpkin before she carved it, so she ended up with a really lop-sided grin on hers, but she told us, "I meant it to be that way." I love her independence. (sometimes!) So we all had fun and can't wait for Halloween tomorrow.


Jules said...

Oh, you can hope that little Dario will step up to the plate next year, but don't get those hopes up too high. Seth was willing to scoop a little bit out with a spoon, but he still won't touch any of the yuck either. Yet, I know they both dig toads and bugs out of the dirtiest places. Makes no sense! Next year I am making him or his pumpkin won't get carved!

Janssen said...

Is Roman just the cutest little kid in the world or what?

I LOVE Dario's pumpkin too.