Sunday, December 2, 2007

Gabriella is 9!

Gabriella's birthday was yesterday. She's now 9 years old. I love her at this age. Not that I didn't love her at all the other ages too, but I like the stage she's in. She's still young enough that her rebellions and misbehaviors are fairly easily dealt with. She's old enough that we can carry on a conversation about life. She's old enough to get subtle humor, and she makes some great jokes of her own that I actually find funny, not ones I have to fake laugh at to be nice. And the best part is, she loves spending time with me. I know the day is not far off that she will choose her friends over me, so I'm trying to enjoy this stage as much as possible. I'm really glad to have such a sweet, beautiful, intelligent daughter.

Here are some pics from her birthday party/sleepover. Her party was a Hollywood theme. We set up a red carpet and did interviews with them. The girls were more into being singers than movie stars. They lip synched in an area I had set up for them, and Dario actually made music videos of them. Then Gabby had a couple friends sleep over and in the morning Dario made Gabby some heart-shaped pancakes. He did it last year and she made a special request this time, so I think this will be a tradition.

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Goose said...

The teen years are challenging but you just have to love them unconditionally and be patient. Sometimes you have to step back and let them make mistakes on their own so they'll learn. I'm with you on your movie and music tastes. Great blog.