Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Not appropriate

Okay Mormon readers. This is inappropriate humor right here, so stop reading now! For all the rest of you (yes, I know you are ALL still reading, but if you don't comment no one will know!)

Tonight we went to a Chinese restaurant to eat. While we were waiting for our food we were reading the little paper placemats at our seats. It was all about what animal you were on the zodiac chart according to what year you were born. So we were going around and I said, "Oh, I'm a snake." Then Gabby read hers and everyone else's. "Daddy and Dario, you're both a horse. I'm a dragon." Then she found Roman's birth year under the picture of the rooster. "Hey Roman, you're a cock." Apparently that wasn't the animal Roman wanted to be because he screamed out in his loudest voice in the middle of the restaurant, "I am NOT a COCK!" Lovely.

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Jules said...

Hilarious!!! You know someone at this very moment is saying to their family/friends, "You won't believe what this kid shouted at the restaurant....." And yes, I am bad and kept reading after the fair warning. Hee hee.