Thursday, December 13, 2007

Love my man

Okay, amidst all my whining the other day, I forgot to mention something good. After I got out of the shower and was freaking out at my son opening up the presents under the tree, Dario quietly got the gifts and took them upstairs and re-wrapped them. That was really nice that I didn't have to do it. But what was even sweeter, was that he used the same ribbon that I had used and tried to make it fancy. I originally had spent quite some time in the closet wrapping these presents and putting ribbon and bows on them to make them look really nice. My husband is not a fancy ribbon type of guy, but he knew that I had taken the extra time, so he tried to recreate it. Little things like this make my heart melt. It wasn't just like mine, but I like it even more because I know that he did it to make me feel better. Here's a sampling of his work:

Also, speaking of my husband, every once in a while mine gets the inkling to bake something. The other day he said, "We should make bread." I said, "We?" I'm not that into baking, and bread is something that I don't even want to attempt. So today he decided to make bread, but then he ran into a recipe for cinnamon roles, so he changed his mind. I don't know if you all will find this nearly as endearing as I do, but I think it's cute as all heck to see my man if the kitchen kneading dough and studying a recipe book. The end result- not so pretty. Or tasty. But, I give you an "A" for effort, babe.

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