Saturday, March 22, 2008

Isn't he pretty?

I was sitting at my desk yesterday when Dario came out of the bathroom and ran by me like he was trying to hide something. I don't know how I recognize this run, but I always do. So I told him to come back into the room and show me what he was hiding. He didn't want to come in, but I insisted, so he reluctantly stepped back into the room, wearing a dress and red lipstick, and with his head hanging down sheepishly said, "Gabby dressed me like a girl." Gabby came belly-laughing out of the bathroom and I immediately grabbed my camera. He took off running for his room and Gabby and I chased him and she held him down while I got this picture.

Don't worry. He's not scarred forever. He thought it was funny too and actually posed for one right after this.


Earl said...

Sounds like Gabby needs a doll. I have one grandson who has 4 sisters, if he wasn't ALL boy, I'd have to say there was no hope. They paint his finger and toe nails ALL the time, he gets their hand-me-down PINK backpacks. Fortunately he isn't in school yet. I'll BUY him a boy's backpack before he takes that to school.

Kristi said...

I have to tell you I thought this was so funny that I read it to Blaine.....he gave me a really weird look and it was only then I realized that he had assumed this story was about big Dario....whoops! :) I LOVE YOUR BLOG!