Sunday, March 30, 2008

Juvenile jokes at my daughter's expense

Part of a mother's job is to pass down juvenile practical jokes to their children, right? I don't know why I remembered these the other night, but I'm glad I did. They were just as fun as they were in junior high! Remember the one where you have someone squeeze their chin really tightly and then they end up with a bruise? I don't even remember how you're supposed to get the person to do it, but I didn't have to give a reason. She's only 9 so when I told her to make a fist and squeeze her chin really tight for as long as she could, she listened. HA HA!

Then there's the quarter trick. Memba this? You trace a quarter onto a piece of paper with a pencil, making sure you go around and around spreading as much lead into the grooves on the edge of the quarter as possible, then you hand the quarter to the person and tell them to roll it up their face from their chin to their forehead and see if they can drop it from their forehead directly onto the circle you traced.


She didn't realize she had a line down her face when I told her to smile pretty for a picture!
I'm so immature, but I'm okay with that.


Earl said...

You do know that they grow up and want to get even, right?

Jessica said...

I've never seen those tricks before. I'm going to see if Mike will play along. :-)