Thursday, March 20, 2008

Rotten food connoisseur

Would you consider eating yogurt that had been expired for a month but still smelled okay?

Uh.... me neither.

Especially since getting sick the day before I have to stuff these eggs-

all 1300+ of them,

at my house with about thirtyhundred other ladies that I guilted into it, and 2 days before the big neighborhood egg hunt which I am in charge of (can't quite remember why I signed up for that- oh yeah, it was to refute my reputation as a deadbeat), would be a disaster.

Otherwise, I may have considered it.

Oh, don't act all surprised. I already told you I eat very questionable meat.


Kristi said...

Can't wait for the party!There is a funny seinfeld clip about the expiration date of milk that I will have to show you. It cracks me up.

Corbett Family said...

I just ate some old yogurt yesterday (it was only a little over a month past the date). Jim thought I was crazy, but I haven't gotten sick yet and I don't think I will at this point.