Tuesday, April 1, 2008


We had a really nice Easter this year. We did all the fun stuff , like dying eggs and having an egg hunt and seeing the Easter bunny, but we tried to focus on the true meaning of the holiday as well, and talked a lot about Christ's resurrection and what that meant for us. It was a nice balance and made for a wonderful day.
This picture is from the neighborhood egg hunt. I asked my husband to get pictures of all the kids with the Easter bunny. This is what I got. Geesh. Husbands.
The hardest part for Roman was having the patience to wait for the egg to be colored.
Little Dario was SO proud of his painted egg.
Dario painting an egg. Every year he finds a new way to decorate. I thought I was fancy using some oil in a couple of the cups to get a tie-dye effect, but NO. He's gotta embellish with paint or stickers or crayon or rubberbands or whatever. Outdoes me every time.
THE HUNT on Easter morning
Gabby was all excited that she found the golden egg, because last year we put money in it. Oops, we didn't do that this year and I didn't realize that egg got stuffed and mixed in with the rest. She was a good sport about it though.
Happy kids with lots of loot.

Notice that this tray has two empty spots. We couldn't find the last two eggs, so either some animal ate them or we're going to find a couple of nasty rotten smelly surprises in our yard soon.

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