Monday, August 11, 2008

Quotable quotes from Roman

"Mom, your legs hurt!"
As he ran his hand up my leg. I hadn't shaved in a while.
And after seeing his brother and sister losing teeth and being rewarded with a visit from the tooth fairy. (Or a bribe from me.)
"Mom, can you knock a tooth out?"
(then opens his mouth for me to do the deed)
And this one here gives me hope that someday my hard work caring for my children will be rewarded...
We were in the bathroom and I was helping him, and this was the conversation:
Me: "Roman, when are you going to be big enough to wipe your
own butt?"
Roman: "Um, when I'm older. And then I'll wipe your butt!"


chelon:) said...

too funny!! hopefully he won't have to wipe your butt though!! all that work caring for your children will help put you in a home for the elderly!! (my mom has made me solemnly promise that i would never do that to them!) but home many times did your parents break there promises?? payback!! now i am just rambling :) funny kid he is!!

Sara said...

I think Roman must take after you with his sense of humor. You are both Hillarious!!

Anna said...

Reading this makes me miss you! You always make me smile!