Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girl party at my house

Well, maybe. This is last minute, but if anyone wants to come over tonight to play Rock Band with me, then please do. The rockin' will start at 8:15. I will amaze you with my mad
gee-tar skills. Call me or email if you wanna come, and I'll be sure not to be in my underwear when I answer the door.

Here's my email, but write it with no spaces. sheyenne alvarez at yahoo . com And change the 'at' to an @. Hope I see someone tonight. (Please be my friends!)


Jules said...

I will be your friend! But, I will be a late friend unfortunately.

And I appreciate you not answering the door in your underwear. That would just be a little um, well, awkward. Yeah.

G said...

Sorry, I already have a baby shower. Much less rockin', but much more RSVP'd to already and counting on me to bring a punch bowl and pink lemonade. Next time...