Wednesday, April 9, 2008

He put his finger where?!?

When I was out running yesterday I saw a smashed armadillo on the road, and first I thought "Yuck, that looks sick", but then I was wondering what armadillo actually tastes like. I mean, it's GOT to be good, because the measures my father-in-law went to to actually catch one of those babies for a meal when he lived in Argentina are great. Let me explain.

According to my father-in-law, armadillos are a delicacy. When he was growing up in Argentina they were always on the lookout for armadillos. Mostly they'd see them while driving along a road somewhere. When they spotted one they'd immediately pull the car over and hop out and give chase. Armadillos are fast runners, and they're really fast diggers. In the event that they were able to outrun or corner an armadillo, it would immediately start digging. So it had to be stopped somehow.

And this is the part that I'm speaking of when I say he went to great measures.

In order to stop the armadillo from digging, he had to put his finger....

um, how do I say this....

...where the sun don't shine. You know, the back door. IN his behind. Yes. That's right.

But if you stop to think about it, this really does make sense. I mean, if someone did that to you, you'd stop digging, wouldn't you?

So then they had it, and they'd take it home and put it in a cage, with a bottom of course so it couldn't dig out, and take it out when they were ready to eat him. And then if they were really feeling industrious, they'd make a guitar out of its shell. So they got a great meal AND a musical instrument. Pretty nifty, but let me tell you, that meat would have to be awfully tasty to get me to go to those lengths to get some.


Jules said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Gross! I swear if the only thing to eat was armadillos that I had to catch myself- I would starve to death. Well, unless, like you said, they are pretty darn tasty- then maybe I would consider it! But alas, I will probably never know!

Sara said...

Armadillos have extremley long sharp claws which leads me to believe your father in law is not only an eater of exotic foods, but brave as well.

Kimberly said...

I saw you running, probably about the time you passed that armadillo because I saw the disgusting armadillo and then I noticed you running on the sidewalk. Honestly, after passing you, I thought more about how impressed I was that you were out running than how disgusting the armadillo was, but now I have both covered. Thanks!

Your father-in-law rocks to be able to do the armadillo that is... I think anyway.

Unknown said...

My Argentine heritage will not allow me to respond to the "EWWWW GROSSSes" of this response page, but let me just say that in Argentina, sticking your finger up a dillo's cornhole is a right of passage. There have been many a Alvarez men who failed their test of manhood, and had to take the long walk west in shame. Since I grew up here in the states, me and my Alvarez brethren had to resort to sticking fingers in other "non-dilloish" places, ie. sockets, blenders, anything that would help us to feel the thrill of danger and possible loss of finger.... And I am still alive!! Besides, dillo butt is kinda nasty!